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      Aliphatic series isocyanate paint

      Aliphatic series isocyanate paint

      Composition: The product is the two-component self-dry coating composed of aliphatic series isocyanate component and senior acrylic resin, pigment, additive, solvent and etc.
      Performance: The aliphatic series isocyanate paint has high weather resistant, chemical resistant, acid-alkaline proof properties, and excellent mechanical performance; the luster is adjustable and the paint film is full and beautiful. This product can withstand long-term ultraviolet irradiation, and the paint film has no pulverization with less color change. This paint can be used together with other products to protect the substrate for 8 to 10 years, and is a commonly used product for outdoor anticorrosive coating.

      Good weather resistance
      The paint can be in outdoor as long ultraviolet irradiation, paint film is not pulverization.
      Chemical resistance
      The paint has excellent chemical resistance, resistance to acid and alkali, acid rain, salt fog, salt etc.. The film can resist atmospheric corrosion, powerful protection material.
      Excellent mechanical properties
      It has excellent adhesion, strong impact resisance and flexibility.
      Beautiful decorative
      The paint gloss can be adjusted, the film is full and beautiful.

      Application: The paint is often used for the surface of ships, bridges, lamps and other outdoor steel structure, cement and building materials, to decoration and corrosion.
      Product specification
      Paint film color: specified by the customer
      Mixing ratio: Flat products: main paint: curing agent=20:4
      High optical products: main paint: curing agent=20:5

      Technical parameters

      Item Index
      Color specified by the customer
      Fineness ≤30μm
      Viscosity(painting-4) 50~80s
      Adhesion(Row lattice method) 1
      Flexibility 1mm
      Drying time(23±2℃) surface dry:1h    hard dry:24h
      Impact strength 50kg.cm
      Gasoline resistance(24h) Don't fall off, no wrinkle, no bubble, allow a slight discoloration
      Artificial accelerated aging(800h) There is no obvious cracks, discoloration ≤3 grade, the loss of light ≤ 3 grade
      Salt fog resistance(800h) The film had no change

      Supporting system

      Aliphatic series isocyanate paint can be applied to various industrial environments:
      ?Anti-corrosion of steel structure: epoxy zinc-rich primer + epoxy micaceous iron oxide intermediate paint + Aliphatic series isocyanate paint
      ?Bridge preservation: epoxy zinc-rich primer + epoxy micaceous iron oxide intermediate paint + Aliphatic series isocyanate paint;Inorganic zinc rich primer + Epoxy sealer + epoxy micaceous iron oxide
      intermediate paint + Aliphatic series isocyanate paint
      ?Engineering machinery coating: Epoxy primer + Aliphatic series isocyanate paint
      ?Building exterior decoration: Epoxy sealer + Epoxy paint + Aliphatic series isocyanate paint

      Construction method

      1、Base material processing
      The coated base material surface must carry out thorough removal of grease, scale, rust, old coating, and etc., using shot or sand blasting method, to reach Sweden derusting standard Sa2.5 grade and roughness of 30-70μm, manual derusting methods can also be adopted to reach Sweden derusting standard St3 grade and roughness of 30-70μm.
      According to the weight ratio (the label on the product packaging shall prevail)
      When mixing, under the condition of stirring the main agent continuously, slowly pour in curing agent to make it fully ad evenly stirred.
      20 min after curing of the well mixed coating, filter with 60-80mesh screen, and pour into another container for spare use.
      The mixed coating is valid for 3 hours; please arrange the use according to the construction progress.
      3、Construction conditions
      Coating operation shall be performed as soon as possible after the substrate processing, generally not exceeding 8 hours. The substrate surface temperature and environmental temperature are generally no less than 10℃, the surface temperature shall be at least 3℃ higher than the dew point temperature, and the relative humidity of the air shall not exceed 85%.
      4、Coating method
      This coating can use brush coating, airless spraying and auxiliary air spraying method for construction.
      Generally the coating shall use the matching thinner to adjust viscosity and cleaning tools.
      6、Coating intervals
      One-component paint can carry out later coating after drying; two-component paint is suggested to have the coating time intervals as follows:

      Substrate temperature 5℃ 20℃ 30℃
      Shortest 48h 24h 16h
      Longest No limit